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About Us

President & CEO  - Jim Bock
A registered nurse for 16 years, graduated in 1982 from Institute Paralegal Studies in Linden New Jersey with the highest grades they ever had and youngest to ever graduate. Jim has also been an ordained minister for 8 years.

Jim has dedicated more than 30 years of his life helping others. 

 Jim started the Survivors Foundation in 1996 and helped fund training to counsellors and therapists that help adult survivors of abuse for many years.

Not a day goes by where Jim doesn't lay down his life to help right the betrayals that some institutions inflict upon their vulnerable residents.

Our team of seasoned professionals are deployed as and when needed to intervene as appropriate. 

"I have been a registered ER nurse for more than 25 years in Hawaii and previous for an additional 5 years in New Jersey as an ICU nurse. Currently, I am the medical investigator for the Department of Human Services/Adult Protective Services. I have known James Bock in a personal capacity for more than 30 years and can attest to his character and the fact that he is smart and determined. Mr. Bock has dedicated several decades of his life to help others and in my opinion would be a fantastic addition to work with the geriatric community. 
In the ER, on the first aid squad and in private practice Mr. Bock has worked with hundreds of elderly patients rendering life-saving care. I have known Jim for many years prior to becoming a nurse and know he is very talented in many other areas that a nursing home would benefit from his resourcefulness. I have hired countless nurses and recommend Mr. Bock with confidence to care for the elderly. Jim has always been great with the geriatric population."

Cornelius Patrick, APSRN

"I have known JamesBock professionally for more than ten years. I am a hospice nurse for 13 years and been employed at both Hospice of the Sacred Heart and Celtic Hospice and Home Health. I have interacted and consulted with Mr. Bock on hundreds of occasions with regard to geriatric patient care. He is professional, detail conscious and energetic. Mr. Bock has excellent clinical skills, good management experience and has great people skills as he is empathetic and really cares about helping others.​"

Jessica Schumacher LPN

"I am a nurse with 21 years’ experience, with approximately 12 years of that specializing in hospice. I am currently employed by Residential Healthcare of NEPA, in the capacity of a Hospice Clinical Supervisor and Hospice Administrator. In the years employed with Residential, I have hired many healthcare professionals and nurses to work with this specialized population, with much of our work being provided to the geriatric clientele. I pride myself as an excellent judge of character. I have known James Bock for approximately 7 years. He is a caring and compassionate professional. Mr. Bock is also an accomplished Registered Nurse. He has been a partner in a medical practice, employing healthcare professionals, nurses, and doctors."

Hilary Beavers, BSN RN 

"My name is Steffi Hayes, I am a Registered Nurse whom worked with Mr. Bock. I have now known Jim for approximately 5 years, and can attest he is a hard worker ,committed to helping everyone that crosses his path both personally and professionally. Jim has been a nurse for more than 15 years and has outstanding clinical knowledge and skills. Jim was my direct supervisor. Some of his responsibilities included onboarding new staff members, managing the medical staff and most importantly making sure we were in compliance with the state. He worked well with both staff and patients. Jim has strong communication skills and leadership abilities."

Steffi Hayes, RN

"I have known Jim Bock for approximately 10 years, 7 of which I Worked with him as a registered nurse. In the time l've known Jim, I have known him to go above the call of duty, show a willingness and unwavering desire to help others and make a diference in their lives. Jim has a zest for life and a unique perspective that is sure to create change where and when necessary. Jim is passionate about helping other and does just that in all of his endeavors both personal and professional. Jim has the ability to connect with others with an empathy I have rarely witnessed, he would make a tremendous difference. particularly in the lives of the elderly community Jim would truthfully make a positive impact in any area of medicine he explored. "

Stephanie Heslen, RN, BSN

"I have known James Bock for approximately 10 years and was a former employee as a registered nurse. I've known Jim on both a professional and personal level and can tell you that I have 100% confidence in his clinical abilities as a registered nurse and as a manager supervising me. Jim is 100% dedicated to the task at hand and gets the job done! His ability to communicate and his interest in helping the elderly population is unparalleled."

James Jensen, RN

"I have known James Bock for 18 years. I had the honor of working with him in the Emergency Department at Newton Memorial Hospital for several years. ​"
"I can attest that Jim's ER experience has prepared him well for a leadership role in Geriatrics. The fast and ever changing pace of the ER, strong triage skills, autonomy, strong clinical skills have prepared him well to manage patients and staff while balancing training, management, State Regulations and interaction with patients, staff and families."

Robyn Kleinhans, RN 

"I have known Jim Bock for more than 25 years and can attest to his character and capabilities. Jim has been a registered nurse for approximately 16 years and has dedicated his life to helping other people. I have witnessed him work with countless people in attempt to help them. I am also a registered nurse as well as LSW and understand the commitment that Jim has made to his career. As the population grows older we are all focusing our efforts in helping the elder population. Jim is no exception and with his level of commitment and interest in helping this segment of the population, and I'm certain that he will make a big difference in many lives."

David Pisani RN/ LSW

"I have known James Bock my entire life, he is my father. I have been a NICU staff nurse at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for the past 5 years and been awarded Employee of the Month several times and received numerous other awards. I graduated from Rutgers Accelerated BSN program with a 4.0 GPA and recently began my doctorate degree in Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist at Rush University. It seems like just yesterday I was helping my dad study with flashcards while he was doing his accelerated nursing program about 18 years ago. He decided to change careers to join the nursing field after many years as an EMT at our local volunteer first aid squad. My father, James Bock, has been an empathetic and dedicated healthcare professional for the past 16 years. His compassion for his patients has been evident through his nursing career in the emergency departments and at New Age Medical. He constantly strives to be the best nurse he can be and is extremely dedicated to his work. He has a special caring affinity for the elder population. Seeing him provide care to his mom, my grandma, during her battle with lung cancer is just one example of his thoughtfulness and attentiveness to this population. "

Jessica Bock, RN