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Emergency Medicine Patient Advocate

Frequently, the language used by a triage nurse in the ER will determine the urgency in which your loved one will be seen by a physician and the diagnostic studies that will be performed to determine the extent of injuries or illness you or your loved one is suffering. 

If you can't verbalize what is going on in a way that will draw attention to your most acute symptoms, it could cost you your life if a doctor or nurse doesn't notice it. This occasionally happens in an understaffed and overworked ER.

The Patient Advocate Group, having a complete record of your medical history, can speak to you, your family members, and others in order to communicate on your behalf with the hospital staff in a way that they will listen.

Even the most experience doctors and nurses don't go to the ER without someone to advocate on their behalf.


Keep your loved one's safe in the ER

The ideal situation is to have an experienced ER nurse accompany you to the ER. Sometimes we can make that happen. When we can't we can be on the phone with the nurse manager and hospital administrator to make sure things are happening that need to happen.

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