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Substance Abuse Patient Advocate

Drinking and drugs are an issue for 5-10% of the world's population. Its the way people are wired. Substance abuse crossed all cultural, religious and socioeconomic sections.If you have a loved one you know how heartbreaking the situation is and the effects it has taken on your family.

Addicts and Alcoholics are a difficult segment of the population to treat. It seems to be the only group of people whose medical condition sometimes cause them to engage in irreprehensible behaviors, criminal activity, financial irresponsible, infidelity, belligerence and dishonesty. With that said, these individuals are unable to control themselves and deserve the change to get well. Sometimes, these patients riddled with guilt and shame are unable to stand up for themselves and are bullied by unscrupulous rehab and detox facilities. Under the guise of “AMA Blocking” these facilities sometimes go to great extremes to hold a patient beyond what is medically necessary.

Illegal activities frequently seen in rehabs and detox facilities include:

Patient brokering

  • Illegal kick-back schemes
  • Providing unnecessary care
  • Billing for services not rendered
  • Improperly orienting and training nursing staff
  • Refusing to let the patient leave
  • Patients feeling like they are held hostage
  • Inappropriate relationships with staff

We have seen facilities refuse to return personal possessions including cash, credit cards, cell phones and life saving medications that were paid for by and belong to the patient. Leaving these patients stranded sometimes hundreds of miles from home.

When expressing desires to leave treatment, patients are denied phone calls to family and attorneys. Sometimes these cases involve patients experiencing severe emotional and psychological issues from PTSD and are not appropriately medicated.

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They Can't Stop

These difficult cases require patience and determination

Substance Abuse

This vulnerable patient ​population can not always be trusted to do what they say. They have lied, stolen and taken advantage of your good will countless times, but they are still your family and you love them in spite of the damage they have done. Sometimes, the Rehabs & Detox Centers take advantage of these patients. The family isn't always in the best position to advocate on behalf of their loved one in these emotionally charged situations.

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